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Helpful tips when choosing your roofing company:

Roof maintenance (and replacement at some point) is necessary to your home. Finding the right roofing company for you is essential. We all have different things that are important to us, so figure out what is most important for you. Is it quality workmanship? Is it warranty? Is it price? Is it a financing option? Is it timing? Do you prefer a large company or a small company? Do you want a local business or a sole proprietor? There are no right or wrong answers, just personal preference. Some things to consider when making your decision are:


  1. Many people are more comfortable with referrals or recommendations from  friends and family who have used the services of a particular contractor so  don’t hesitate to ask around.   If you’re new to the area, consider checking  out  the local Better Business Bureau online;
  2. Before you replace  your roof, you’ll want to make sure that you have to  replace it.   Call in a professional  or two for their opinion.
  3. One of the most important things to  remember with your roof is that you should be inspecting it and maintaining it  on a regular basis.   Once a year consider having a roofer inspect it. Most companies  will charge a flat fee for  this service.
  4. The age of your roof  will tell you a lot about its condition.   For example, the average  shingled roof lasts about 15-20 years in our climate  so you can use that as a  barometer for how long your roof should  last.
  5. Consider the environmental  impact of the roofing material you choose.   You’ll want to make  sure you’ve pre-qualified all of the contractors prior  to having them bid on your  roofing job so you know that you’re comparing “apples to apples”.
  6. ‘Google’ the company or individual to see if complaints show up.
  7. If they have a website, read about the business. How long have  they been in  business?   What types of payment do they accept?   Call their office  and make an  appointment to meet.
  8. Include in the basis for your  final decision the thoroughness of the quote.   For example, if you have skylights,  is replacement addressed?   Will flashings be  replaced?   Has the chimney been inspected?   If so, does it need to be repointed prior to reroof?  What is the condition of  your gutter system?   What is the procedure if the decking is substandard?   Are there  hidden costs or is everything dealt with?   Will there be a daily and final clean  up of your job  site?   Will gardens and property be protected by the company during  the job?
  9. Expect and insist on the following:
    • A current business license.
    • A minimum of $2,000,000 liability  insurance.
    • A WorkSafeBC ‘Clearance letter’.  Just having a WorkSafeBC account number DOES NOT necessarily mean that a company is paid up and in good standing.  Protect yourself.  If the company IS paid up and in good standing you as the homeowner are not liable for costs associated with accidents or injuries to workers that may happen during your job.
    •  A minimum of five letters of references showing names, dates and addresses.   If you are so inclined, drive by the addresses to see the work for yourself.
    • Photographs of their work.


  1. DON’T choose a contractor where you are expected  to  pay 50% or more  up front;
  2. DON’T go with someone who  you have an uneasy feeling  about;
  3. DON’T be put off by  a contractor who cannot start  your job the next  day.   In the height of roofing  season, in  particular, you should expect that  they can’t start right away.  Solid  companies with solid reputations have a job  board that fills up quickly.   Ask for  a time frame to see if it meets with your  needs and be flexible.   Remember roofing  is weather dependent;
  4. DON’T be bullied into the hard  sell – take your time.
  5. You DO NOT have  to sign a contract that moment.  Be wary  of a “Special price for today only”.   Ask yourself, “Why is that?”
  6. DON’T make your decision based on fear.   ‘Your roof  looks  terrible,  we need to start tomorrow but of course I’ll need a signed contract  right  now.”

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