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Metal Roofing

A metal roof is one of the best options at safeguarding your home from a fire that approaches externally. Metal roofs are non-combustible. Unlike other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, or cedar shakes; should a spark or ember land on your metal roof, it will not ignite. Metal is one of the few materials that can be used for both steep slope roofs and low slope roofs. Low-slope roofs can be covered with steel, aluminum, zinc, or copper just like steep roofs. While metal can be an expensive option in the short term, superior durability and simple maintenance of metal roofs typically saves money in the long term. Metal roofs are also one of the most environmentally sound roofing options, with most metal roofing material already containing 30-60% recycled content, and the product itself being 100% recyclable.

Metal roofing is a broad term and can refer to many different roofing systems:

Standing seam panels have a vertical seam. Each panel is fastened to the substrate with the next panel lapping over the fasteners of the preceding panel and locking in place with either a tension lock (snap-lock) or a mechanically-seamed lock.

If the roofline of your home is steep or flat, you may want to opt for a metal roof. Made with either constructed or solid metal, this type of roof is both durable and enduring.

Advantages of metal include easy installation and it’s ultra-lightweight, about half the weight of asphalt (100 lbs per 100²ft versus 240 lbs per 100²ft). And, of course, metal roofing doesn’t burn.

Corrugated panels are usually galvanized sheet metal in multiple colours extruded into various corrugated configurations corrugated panels are fastened with an exposed self-sealing screw or nail. This system is generally used on barns or out-buildings. The benefit of this system is that it has the lowest initial financial output. The downside is that there are still maintenance issues with this system – mainly the exposed fasteners need to be replaced approximately every 10 years. Another consideration with corrugated panels is that they are manufactured in a warehouse off site so there are limitations on length due to shipping requirements. If you require long panels, laps in the metal panels may need to be incorporated into your roof.

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Flashings are an important part of any roof or wall system. Flashings can come in an infinite array of sizes and profiles. A flashings main purpose is to prevent water from penetrating a structure at angle change transitions such as chimneys, skylights, and dormers.

We personally manufacture all our flashings for each project in our sheet metal shop so we can better control accessibility and precision of the flashings.

Supply Only

We provide homeowners, contractors and Do-It-Yourselfers with complete material packages consisting of either “snap lock “ or “mechanical lock” standing seam roofing panels, flashings and accessories as well as installation advice.

Give Kevin a call and you’ll see how easy it is.

Gutter Systems

We supply and install 5” aluminum continuous gutters in conjunction with any of our roof installations. Extra care and attention is always taken to ensure that potential drainage issues are identified and that steps are taken to eliminate or minimize future problems.

We always recommend 6” steel gutters for our standing seam metal roofs as water comes off a metal roof much faster than a conventional asphalt or cedar shake roof making a larger gutter the better choice.

We can also supply and install aluminum perforated leaf guard with any of our gutter systems.

Inspections & Reports

Our extensive experience in commercial and residential roofing systems enables us to thoroughly assess your issues and recommend maintenance programs as well as providing you with an estimated life expectancy of your roofing system.

We have worked closely with homeowners, restoration companies, property managers, and strata councils to help them better understand their roofing needs.

We can provide reports as simple as a few paragraphs via email to extensive, detailed reports with pictures, descriptions and opinions.

Let us know what best suits your needs.

Skylights & Solar Tubes

A great way to bring the natural light indoors is by installing a skylight or solar tube (also referred to as a light tube or sun tube).

There are pros and cons to each. Skylights tend to add to a room’s appearance but require inside finishing so can initially be more costly but provide a view of the sky. They can be vented and can be filtered to partially block out UV rays but are less energy efficient.

Solar tubes are less expensive and require little or no interior finishing. UV rays are blocked at the exterior dome, have less heat gain and are more energy efficient. They don’t however, give you a view of the sky.

Let us help you wade through the vast array of solutions to choose from.

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